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We offer courses for teenagers, adults, families, and professional workers in a natural environment, adapted to the particular needs of our clients, respecting the structure, level, and quality demanded by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages..


Spanish is the third most spoken language after Mandarin and English. It is believed that by 2030 a 7.5% of the world’s population (about 535 million people) will understand this language thanks to the continuous growth of the Hispanic-speaking population in North, Central, and South America. In contrast with Europe, almost 20% of the population of the continent will have Spanish as its primary or secondary language. (Font: El español: una lengua viva. Informe 2013 Instituto Cervantes)

Professional opportunities

Improve your studies and job outings drastically. Studying Spanish will give you the opportunity to study or work abroad. You will be able to travel to 21 countries around the globe, which have Spanish as their mother tongue. Speaking this language may open your personal limitations, allowing you to see and understand the world in many different ways.

Personal openings

Learning Spanish will most importantly allow you to study in many different countries. Many universities and formation centers require at least some basic knowledge of the language to course one of their grades, masters, or doctorates.

Advantages of studying among nature

Courses adapted to every type of necessity

Better focus

It has been proved that being exposed to natural areas has a deep and positive effect in our brain, increasing our capacity to concentrate and memorize. This favors us not only personally, but also academically, since working calmly and in a relaxed environment, like the one offered by SMW in the Madrid Sierra Mountains, has a positive effect in the comprehension on the classes.


Deeper Learning and better absorption of the contents.

Being in contact with nature stimulates various parts of our senses; our reflexes, imagination, and questioning capacity, making students eager asking more and better questions, and this way increase their interest in learning new things. Teaching lessons in a natural environment forms a better and more significant relationship between the contents and the pupils.

In an open ecosystem, it is easy to make pauses to analyze and think about the newly learnt information, and this way assimilate in a more healthy way the lessons. Being able to breathe fresh and pure air is also important, insomuch as a good oxygen circulation allows a better cellular respiration and oxygenation of our brain, improving the learning conditions.


Stress-free and lack of anxiety feeling

Furthermore, being in contact with nature generates a feeling of relaxation helping to reduce tension. It is proved that having a continuous link with an open environment also reduces anxiety, and that going on walks among nature stimulates all of our systems, this way we become more receptive and creative.

Main Goals


Learn Spanish in a practical and innovative way, with little vocabulary, and learning the grammar through conversation, fun activities, excursions, through linguistic immersion.

In this way you can put into practice all the knowledge, and you will lose the fear of speaking in Spanish. You can opt for a 4-day intensive course or an 8-day immersion course.

Learning a language would not be complete without using a classroom.

All our programs include the opportunity to continue using the language on a daily basis, and always having the support of their instructors during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our method for teaching Spanish

Innovative and effective

In the Guadarrama National Park a privileged environment 35 km from Madrid. Great biological and geological wealth you will learn Spanish in a relaxed way, complementing your classes with nature excursions, water activities (canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, paddle surfing, sailing), hiking, horseback riding, multi-adventure, environmental education, snow sports, cycling, cooking, brewing course, gyroplane, golf, massages, bowls baths.

You choose your activity and we make it possible!

Teachers of Spanish My World

Professionalism and Experience

Our teachers have specific Spanish’s training for foreigners; so that your learning is effective and you can master the language with easiness.

All courses are in immersion, alternating classes with activities where you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned.

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Activities in the Madrid nature


Aquatic and sports activities


Children’s activities